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Product name: MSRE106 Magnetic Card Reader Writer Encoder

Product number: MSRE106

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Product Description:

Lo-co Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Writer MSRE106

The MSRE106 is a magnetic card writer for reading and encoding mag-netic cards according to ISO standard. Connect the device to the RS232 interface of your PC and access it by using serial command under any operating system. It can write all three tracks on mag-netic cards and also process all commercial card types (such as magstrip cards, EC cards, employee or member cards, cards for customer retention systems, etc.).

The MSRE106 reads and writes using an especially safe two-head method: The first magnetic head writes data on the card while the second head verifies the data. The device encodes all three ISO standard tracks using this method. The U-CRW01 is an excellent choice for the issue of internal member and stored value cards, access and time clock applications, or for the design of your own customer retention systems. The device uses the so-called LoCo process with 300 Oerstedt to encode the magnetic cards.

An external adapter for power supply is not required, as the device receives the necessary power through the adapter cable from the keyboard interface of your PC. The sturdy housing, easy integration into existing system and the reliable two-head read/write process make the U-CRW01 the perfect choice for all applications that require reading and writing of magnetic cards.


  Connection: RS232 (cable included), USB 2.0( need additional USB- RS232 converter)

  Power Requirement: external adapter for power supply is not required

  Coercivity: 300 Oerstedt (Lo-Co)

  Dimensions: 220 x 61 x 51 mm (L x W x H)

  Readable Cards: ISO Standard, Track 1, 2 & 3

  Weight: 0.75 kg

  Media Width: 0,25 to 0,8 mm

  Status Indicator: Triple color LED and buzzer.

  Magnetic Head Life: more than 1,200,000 swipes

  Software: DOS and Windows tools included

  Work circumstance: Temperature 0°C~40°C

  Humidity: 20~90%RH

  Reading current: =85mA

  Writing current: =150mA

  Speed of pulling card: 10cm/s~120cm/s

  Standard of reading and writing: ISO7810/7811~1-5; IBM

  Density of recorder: NO.1 track 210BPI   NO.2 track 75BPI   NO.3 track 210BPI

  Number of characters recording: Track 1: 76 Alphanumeric characters, Track 2: 37 numeric characters, Track 3: 104 numeric characters.

  Drive Software Interface: Integrated drive order collection.

Package Includes:

1x Brand New Magnetic Card Reader/Writer MSRE106.

1x CD includes Demo software, Datasheets, Command Set.

1x CS blank Cr80-30 Mil Lo-co magnetic cards.


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