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  1. Hello Sir, I want order 7000$ transfer to my Wells Fargo today. I did sent to you my order to your email, waitting for your repply.
    Thanks you, hope we can make rich fast together 🙂

    1. Hello Harrington, check your email please

    2. WOWWW ! very thanks you so much I got 7142.54$ to my WF bank account. I still need order for 7000$ bank transfer = price 750$ cash again. Nice, trusted guy, verified hacker seller . A+++++

      1. @harrington so everything worked? You gained $7000 in your WF? The seller is legit?

  2. Guys this team I would like to recommended to all of you, I got the money back in my chase account in moments after paid will do more business with you again . a+ best vendor

  3. + Honest seller, recommended

  4. Thank for your bank transfer
    Thanks your work very nice $6k profit. I just cashout all the balance in bank account with no problem, wow very well. thank you so much for help my sons

  5. Hello bro, please help me out .. I need 10k bank transfer for my family ASAP I have send my order to you in last night, I have 1000USD bitcoin right now. Please check your Skype messenge & give me your bitcoin address for make payment. Wait for you repply !

    1. check your email please

  6. Very nice transfer in few minutes, thank you .. will do more business with you again

  7. Thank you for being real bro. Will definitely be doing more business with you a+++

  8. Second deal with this seller. Very fast communication. Very accommodating. Lightning fast .

  9. Dimitri Koslovsky

    awesome…..nice job done…keep it on. make transfer very fast. Thanks a lot

  10. i m a big fan of your service i got you after losing much money now i m getting rich after start business with you

    1. you are welcome!

  11. all happy. transaction smooth and reasonably swift. good vendor.

  12. If you ever need bank balance , this seller is the best ! Thank you so much sir , very fast communication and release , 5 stars +++++

  13. this was my first deal he was very friendly, very quick trusted and recommended

  14. Amazing! Handled the transaction quickly, and answered any questions I had. Will use whenever available

  15. seems like everything went as planned, thanks for your business.

  16. Super Fast, Walked a Noobie like me threw perfectly!!

  17. very Fast And Friendly Deal He Is a Trust Worthy Person

  18. The best with the best rates. I was scared at first and continuously disturbed him via email and calls after some time i thought my moneys gone. But just then the amount arrived. Going to the services for a longer term.

  19. nice service bro soon i will order some more transfer

  20. Easy deal, good communication . Trusted

  21. you are the best person that i have meet in my life you have made my life

  22. id many big transactions with him! Always delivered and in a timely manner, recommended!

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